Wednesday, September 10, 2014


My newest mural in Downtown LA and my first under the new ordinance!
"voLAr" by Man One (8th & Flower)

Check out some great photos of my first #FacesLA mural. 
Thanks to Naheed (video coming soon!)

Check out more pics on my Flickr (Click Here)


Tuesday, September 09, 2014


I will be featured on KCET's Socal Connected show airing this 
Wednesday night, September 10 at 8pm (PST). 

I was interviewed in front of my new mural "voLAr" (part of my #FacesLA mural campaign) 
and my first official one under the new mural ordinance.  

Below are some behind the scenes pics of the interview
with host Nic Cha Kim and the Socal Connected crew doing their thing...

Tune in, would love to get your feedback! 


Wednesday, August 20, 2014


My newest mural "ELEPHUNKTL" in Lincoln Heights.  

I wanted to combine the importance of cultures and how they make up this unique
Los Angeles neighborhood, the 2nd oldest in the City.

The mural depicts a multi-armed elephant that symbolizes the Asian influence in the neighborhood.  Although I didn't mean it to directly reference the Eastern god Ganesha, the Chinese view the elephant as a symbol of wisdom and strength. This neighborhood, specifically the building that hosts this mural, 
has been the home for many garment companies who have been employing Asian seamstresses for decades.  The work ethic and long hours these mostly Asian women put in daily is what made me want to use the elephant as a symbol in the mural.

Behind the head of the elephant-like figure are large colorful Aztec feathers and plumes. Obviously the Mexican influence in this part of town is undeniable.  Directly across the street from the mural is Lincoln Park and the Parque de Mexico where hundreds of Aztec dancers gather each year to celebrate near the statue of the last Aztec Emperor, Cuahtemoc.  

Finally, the reference to the spray can necklace and the aerosol tip 
the creature is pointing at, are a nod to the young people of this area, almost like the patron saint of street art to this community.

This mural is part of the #Latagrafica campaign bringing murals and art to Angelenos in 2014 and was made possible by Red Bull.  Here are some pics of the mural unveiling held at the Sweatshop Studio.


Friday, July 25, 2014


Since we now have a new mural ordinance allowing for permitted murals to be erected around the City of LA, I have decided to finally launch my own citywide mural campaign!

I'm calling it #FACESLA.

(preliminary concept sketch, "voLAr", © 2014, Man One)

My murals for this campaign will focus on creating large multi colored portraits of people I consider worthy of recognition, not because they are famous or celebrities, but simply because they are common Angelenos.  Ranging from community leaders to family members or just happy playful children, these murals will serve to re-shape the landscape of our City of LA.  I will also be hiring young apprentices to help me create these works of art so that they may learn to one day create their own works of art on the City's streets.

As a native Angeleno, I know that L.A. is more than just Hollywood glitz and glamour.  L.A. has countless stories to tell that are hidden within beautiful communities of multi-ethnic people.  Most of these people are hard-working and thankful to live in this "City of Angels" and I am proud to put the spotlight on them.

Although I have secured private funding for the first few murals, I will be looking for others who are interested in this campaign to offer their walls, give financial support, or by simply nominating possible "faces".  I plan on producing at least 1 mural a month (indefinitely) throughout L.A. County.  

Mural #1, entitled "voLAr", will begin in August in Downtown L.A. Please share the campaign using #FACESLA on all your social media accounts and help me re-brand, re-shape, and re-face
 Los Angeles!

To get involved contact:
For the full press release go to: UrbanHeartPr  


Thursday, July 24, 2014


This just came out and I really like the unique angle they did on this one!
Thanks to Ed Fuentes and KCET for this piece.

Read the entire story on Artbound:



This mural unveiling event is FREE for collectors and friends who wish to support!

 I will have original art, prints and other items available for sale inside the studio!

If you'd like to attend please rsvp to:


Monday, July 07, 2014


In honor of the World Cup, here's a flashback to late 2013 when I was commissioned by Blue Shield to paint a bunch of soccer balls for a campaign.

I really like the way they came out. Too bad they're all gone!

Hit me up if you'd like to commission one for your favorite team!

Click here to view more.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I want to thank the The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles for helping me secure funding and commissioning me to restore my mural "They Claim I'm a Criminal" at Southern California Library on Vermont in South L.A. 

Originally painted in 2010, the mural was hit hard in the last year with a wave of graffiti that had turned the mural into an unrecognizable wall of  bombs and tags. 

This is the first graffiti art mural they have ever restored!

Earlier this year, the MCLA stepped in, thanks to my dear friend and Exec. Director Isabel Rojas-Williams.  She told me it was unacceptable for my mural to be in that state of ill repair as we were all celebrating the passing of the new mural ordinance city wide.

She worked with Councilman Price from the 9th District to secure funding for me to repair the mural and give it a much needed anti-graffiti coat.  We were able to hire SPARC to give it the sacrificial coating.

Now it looks great! Hopefully for many years to come!!

Thank you Isabel Rojas-Williams, the MCLA, SPARC, Razer, Easi, Yusef, Michelle,
Socal Library and Councilman Price for all your help!


I've got some artwork for sale and will be blowing out all my limited edition prints on
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I'll be there from 4-7pm signing prints, come on down and say hello!

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